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I am on a ROLL this week! The Man From Doom, soooort of Prince Lotor, but proooobably not?

...I spent too much time trying to look up reference pictures for Lotor and found that 90% of the Voltron fansites I found on Google were around in 1996 when I first started running around on the internet.

I guess it's too much to expect from folks. I mean it IS an old anime, but the original Go Lion was recently released at Best Buy a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure there's a young 16 year old out there with enough patience or rabies to screencap Lotor to pieces and throw the screencaps up on her own webserver that isn't powered by Tripod. Or maybe I expect too much from people. XD I DID find a bunch of terrible AMVs uploaded to YouTube done to Britney Spears songs, though. D:

It's just so much easier these days to get screenshots of stuff. All you basically need is a DVD Drive and the right DVD playing software. Back then, you needed to find a way to hook your VCR up to your computer, and then have it run off a program there and all this extra analog mess and very small resolution, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

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