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I am still VCRless.
Went out with the Kevin today. Had awesome sushi at Kobe, with a very talkative sushi bar preparer, then we went to see Indiana Jones ). After that, we went back to his house and watched Blade Runner. I hadn't seen it in a long time, and I'd only remembered Rutger Hauer's very very blonde hair, and the origami unicorn at the end from when I'd seen it the first time. It had the same atmospheric quality as Legend, probably because the same guy directed it, and the same guy did the music. Goooo Ridley Scott! Gooo Vangelis! :D I needed to watch it again, just to feel more up-to-date on cyberpunk...even though cyberpunk seems to be outdating itself for every second that goes by, I still love it to death. Story-gods, please give me more stories about robots wanting to dream. I can't get enough of them.

Pris reminds me of Oona. As a Xenosaga fan, I am obligated to make a statement like this: Lieutenant Virgil, Roy Batty called. He wants his eyeliner back.

After Blade Runner, there was youtubbage.
Industrial Love - VNV Nation Remix
Russian Airborne Troops Music Video [VDV]

A band that I like, Covenant, are also fans of Blade Runner. Of course, I would have not known this, if not for Kevin. <3 They have a song called Like Tears in Rain, which is one of Roy Batty's last lines in the movie, and one called The Replicant. (Youtube videos linked are fan-made, because in the age of Youtube, almost everything I like is available...but usually only through rabid fans of some sort that spend all of their time making AMVs or VMVs.)

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