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I'm back!
And I managed to avoid getting tan! Woo! ::feels accomplished::
I ain't been in the water since 2003. I only got to spend one day at the beach, though. The other days were dedicated to boardwalking, minigolfing, watching everybody else eat crabs, watching everybody else go go-karting, and chilling up in the room until 2am playing KOTOR II on Chris's laptop. ::reach:: I also got to play with one of those Best Buy lightsabers. Chris taught me a few things about parrying and blocking. ^^ I know those things aren't built for fighting, but I really really wanna get one now and duel with my friends, even if it is bullshit dueling.

I had an awesome time!
I got to design a Henna tattoo for my friend Beth.
Those who know Beth know what she got. XD ::coughlumierecough::

I bought a Nautilus shell.
My conscience at their plight of extinction was overridden, but I've wanted one forever, and I finally got it! Also got a sweet Che Guevera t-shirt, and two ghastly overpriced shell necklaces for Mom and Stepdad.

Another milestone for the trip, I actually spent ten bucks on a disposable camera, so I'll actually have pictures to show people! Even one of myself, so you-all can see how bizzaro I look with short hair.

As a final present for myself, I spent my first 35 dollars of my own money on a Pokemon game as soon as I got home (I could have sworn there was an electronics shop on the boardwalk, but we started from the ferris wheel and only got up to 20-somethingth street). The closest I've come to owning anything remotely Pokemon-like is Jade Cocoon (which is basically Miyazaki contracted to design characters and monsters and story for a monster-catching game for the Playstation), and my tons of Digimon paraphanalia. (Speaking of Digimon, I embarassed myself the other day when I walked right smack into the fact that the english casts of Xenosaga and Digimon are the same. I'm such a retard.)

I'm getting off-track, and it's late, and I have to work tomorrow. So, goodnight everybody! ::waves::

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