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I am still VCRless.
Went out with the Kevin today. Had awesome sushi at Kobe, with a very talkative sushi bar preparer, then we went to see Indiana Jones ). After that, we went back to his house and watched Blade Runner. I hadn't seen it in a long time, and I'd only remembered Rutger Hauer's very very blonde hair, and the origami unicorn at the end from when I'd seen it the first time. It had the same atmospheric quality as Legend, probably because the same guy directed it, and the same guy did the music. Goooo Ridley Scott! Gooo Vangelis! :D I needed to watch it again, just to feel more up-to-date on cyberpunk...even though cyberpunk seems to be outdating itself for every second that goes by, I still love it to death. Story-gods, please give me more stories about robots wanting to dream. I can't get enough of them.

Pris reminds me of Oona. As a Xenosaga fan, I am obligated to make a statement like this: Lieutenant Virgil, Roy Batty called. He wants his eyeliner back.

After Blade Runner, there was youtubbage.
Industrial Love - VNV Nation Remix
Russian Airborne Troops Music Video [VDV]

A band that I like, Covenant, are also fans of Blade Runner. Of course, I would have not known this, if not for Kevin. <3 They have a song called Like Tears in Rain, which is one of Roy Batty's last lines in the movie, and one called The Replicant. (Youtube videos linked are fan-made, because in the age of Youtube, almost everything I like is available...but usually only through rabid fans of some sort that spend all of their time making AMVs or VMVs.)
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Anybody who asked for a character line in my last entry has gotten their thing! I'm suprised I banged that out so fast. X_x

Speaking of banging out things fast, me and Kevin have been watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I LOVE IT. (I'm trying to convince Kevin to cosplay Batou, hehehe.) And not only do I love it, I'm realizing that just about the whole cast from Xenosaga: Episode I had at least a bit part in voice casting for SAC. It's AMAZING. And probably amusing to Kevin because I'm going OH MY GOD, THAT'S ZIGGY! AND OH MY GOD, THAT'S ALBEDO every time there's a new character. XDD (Srsly, after Albedo, I almost didn't recognize Crispin Freeman playing a (relatively)laid back character like Togusa.) Um. Let's see what else I can gush about. BATOU IS SO CUTE! :DDDD (...yes, I have the burning gene in me that makes me attracted to things most people aren't.)

I have an interview at Best Buy on Thursday. I hate Rosedale Wawa. A lot. I would go into greater detail, but that is a bunch of screeching violins that I'm sure you guys would be better off dealing without at the moment. I also don't really want people to feel sorry for me, either, because I'm trying to be strong about this, and having other people feeling sorry for me makes me feel sorry for myself even more. So. Just wish me luck.

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Dear Dialup-Bunnies: These sites have big big media files that are probably too big to download...and even some of them might be too big to download on high speed connection. I'm talking 100mb big. Just to warns you. The only reason I can see them now is because I'm at school.

I think I overdid my project for webdesign class (I spent way too much time cutting out talking from the Fatal Fight cutscenes, but I made them funny. I so suck at video editing, though). I think I'm going to die of Xenosaga overdose. I think I might make all y'all die of Xenosaga overdose just by being exposed to me. (PS - all the text is verrrrry very flavored by my opinions and outlooks, and contain spoilers for all the games.)

Other Noteables from the class -

Dan did his on Chrono Trigger. The media page of his has ten video clips from the playstation version (on the same page).

Danielle did hers on Kingdom Hearts with some sweet pics and videos and musics that I don't got.

Nick did this kick-ass thing on Cowboy Bebop (it's missing a few pictures, but it's one of the few in the class that actually managed to get sound on his videos to work on the macs).

Tina's site on Wario Ware is incomplete, but it looks soooooo good! :O

Derek's Band is awesome. I definately recommend the second video on this page. It's hilarious (though it doesn't have anything to do with the band...). If you listen to the songs, the vocalist with the scary goring is this sweet quiet shy kid in my class. I totally had no idea.
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I smoked my first cigar tonight! My face smells awesome, but my throat feels weird. And I had to brush the living froo out of my teeth once I got home. Methinks I'll only have one on the holidays. Maybe. I'm content with just smellin' the cigars in the boxes, actually.

Well, ass-sucky and not-so-ass-sucky, my tail-lights and dash lights are out, and my check engine light is on, so I have to go to the dealership to get it looked at. I figure, with as many status ailments as it's got right now, I might as well get it fixed all at once. I have to drop it off at White Marsh on Sunday, and they're going to start working on it on Monday, which will probably mean it won't get done by Tuesday, which means I probably won't make it to Pie's this week for anime night. ::wibble::

In that event, I probably won't be able to see Advent Children or its animated constituants until it's released domestically, which, I actually think I can wait for. It's not that I'm not excited or anything, it's just...that I don't have high speed internet and don't feel like bothering people for copies of something that's going to be widely available very very soon anyway. And I've seen screenshots of Hojo from the anime thing, so I'm going to be high just on that for a few months. To that effect, IF YOU'RE GOING TO BLOG ABOUT ADVENT CHILDREN, PLEASE DO IT BEHIND A CUT. SOME PEOPLE DON'T HAVE TORRENTS. Not trying to jab at anyone specifically, but common courtesy, people, please.

And speaking of getting excited about things from screenshots, somebody scanned a japanese magazine for its XENOSAGA III SPREAD! It looks so pretty. And...uh...well, costume weirdness and fanservicy stuff aside, OMGSQUEEEE.

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