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I'm a lot more reserved and awkward in real life. God, especially at work. When I first got hired, I think I was even afraid to talk to customers. I'm dyslexic and clumsy like none of you could probably. Online I get to cool down and present my thoughts in a more graceful way. Except maybe when I'm on AIM, then things just fall out of my fingers. Real-time Kat is not as refined-looking as turn-based Kat.
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I totally thought it his name was Jermaine, but either way makes sense. I think Jemaine is cuter than Bret. He has personality in his looks, and I loike his glasses. :D (He also kind of looks like me...)
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I think there has to be some sort of physical trial people need to undertake in order to be fully accepted into adulthood. Drivers' tests, Prom and academic exams aren't the same as being deposited into the woods and set to kill a wolf or a bear and walk back home.
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I was always confused and slightly upset when I was a little girl trying to make sense of the song "Smooth Operator" by Sade. I thought they were singing "Sleuth of the Red Eye." It made me scared because the only things I knew of with red eyes were skeletons and ghosts, and I was scared of both of them.
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I think I can pin a lot of things on Data. He pre-dates me getting into Star Wars, and none of the other kids movies I watched when I was 5 had robots in them.

SORRY FOR COPYS YOU, [livejournal.com profile] sky_pirate_tat, BUT I HADS TO.
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