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11 hour shifts?
Yeah, they pretty much Suck.

These days, I kinda just wanna go home and draw, but things keep on getting in the way. =_= In the meantime, when I do get to draw, I thoroughly enjoy it. I need to take a sit-down and set aside a day to do nothing but art.

Spekking of art, I drew Kain before work on Monday. (I also sekretly uploaded all my old art up on that gallery page, too...)
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Car is dead again.
Starter went up, I think.
I'm at dad's. Hopefully stuff will get taken care of in the next couple of days. Most of my plans for this week might be scrapped depending on how long my car takes to get fixed.

I'm beginning to feel like someone's put a curse on me or something, wut with the insanely horrid bad luck I've been having. If this is the case, will the skeevy Vistani party responsible please stand up and air your grievances so that I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE so I can reverse my bad karma in peace. KTHX.

On the upside, someone seems to have reset my dad. Like, he's weekend-dad again. Probably because I haven't seen him in a month. There is a sparkle in his eye. Or maybe that's the antidepressants. Either way, I might be able to do one day of Balticon? Maybe? If I don't have to work all weekend?

Speaking of work, if you haven't pre-ordered the Wii Fit, there is a very very VERY slim chance that you'd be able to get one within the next month. Much like everything else regarding the Wii, it's a matter of luck with getting it in, and they never tell us when they're coming in.
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I'm losing days like crazy here.
My hours are still in a state of being sheared down like nobody's business. I've told my mom this, and she's taken it upon herself to surf craigslist for me and e-mail me job postings. Even if it's things like FedEx across the street from Best Buy, if it's full time, it's probably going to end up being more important.

My social schedule is likely to change at any minute, so I'm going to start trying to suck things up and work some evenings, because I need to pay my bills.

In the past 3 days, I've taught myself (and by teaching myself, I mean looking things up on the net) how to make a salary history and a cover letter. Now I have to buckle down and try to build a professional portfolio site that doesn't blow. I've also been attempting to make abstract background images, but it looks like a lot of the effects that I tend to prefer use 3D imaging software, and I know as much about 3d imaging software as I do accounting. Nearly half the jobs I apply for are like, "Photoshop! :D Illustrator! :D SOMETHING YOU'VE ONLY OPENED ONCE AT THE LAB!" D:

But I will not give up. I fully intend to go to the lab tomorrow and open AfterEffects and Quark for the first time in 4 years and see if I've remembered a damn thing. If not, I will probably make myself a big-ass soviet-style propaganda poster to make myself feel better.


Apr. 29th, 2008 10:43 pm
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So, my hair is all short again. I went through a quite lovely bit of self-sabotage, starting at the Hair Cuttery, even though I knew that the only short hairstyle they were capable of giving me there would make me look like Ronald McDonald. So, I went home, glared at it, cried a little, jumped in the shower, slicked my hair back like a greaser and sprang for MasterCuts in the mall, and I ended up with dis:
Side and...

(I hate my camera...but the lady at MasterCuts who did my hair was AWESOME. She used a flatiron on my hair. <3333 Usually, when I ask for that style, I get told no, because "yer hair's too curly. Et won't ley flaaat. ::chew gum, chew gum::" Of course, this is NONSENSE in the face of the WILL TO HAIRCUT.)

I also got my ears re-pierced.
Now all I need to go do is find a pretty skirt or two that isn't mad expensive so I'll still look like a girl. Yes, despite my obvious assets, people see short hair on me and go "sur." >:E

In other news, GTA came out today, and I managed to have a pretty awesome day despite the fact that we still had Wiis in and I had to sell some. I'm beginning to like my job more and more. It gets a little stressful, but hey, I get paid to talk to people about games. I only wish I had more time to train. I want to know more. I want to know more or less all there is. T_T
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Anybody who asked for a character line in my last entry has gotten their thing! I'm suprised I banged that out so fast. X_x

Speaking of banging out things fast, me and Kevin have been watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I LOVE IT. (I'm trying to convince Kevin to cosplay Batou, hehehe.) And not only do I love it, I'm realizing that just about the whole cast from Xenosaga: Episode I had at least a bit part in voice casting for SAC. It's AMAZING. And probably amusing to Kevin because I'm going OH MY GOD, THAT'S ZIGGY! AND OH MY GOD, THAT'S ALBEDO every time there's a new character. XDD (Srsly, after Albedo, I almost didn't recognize Crispin Freeman playing a (relatively)laid back character like Togusa.) Um. Let's see what else I can gush about. BATOU IS SO CUTE! :DDDD (...yes, I have the burning gene in me that makes me attracted to things most people aren't.)

I have an interview at Best Buy on Thursday. I hate Rosedale Wawa. A lot. I would go into greater detail, but that is a bunch of screeching violins that I'm sure you guys would be better off dealing without at the moment. I also don't really want people to feel sorry for me, either, because I'm trying to be strong about this, and having other people feeling sorry for me makes me feel sorry for myself even more. So. Just wish me luck.

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So, I got stuck on register tonight and this girl comes up to pay for her stuff and she's got a tattoo of a nine-tailed squirrel on her shoulder. Not a nine-tailed fox, a nine-tailed squirrel. WTF, man, WTF?

In other news, there is a high probability of me going to the post office tomorrow to mail stuff to people. In that case, I should probably get to sleep NOW so I don't end up waking up at 2pm like I did today.
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I smoked my first cigar tonight! My face smells awesome, but my throat feels weird. And I had to brush the living froo out of my teeth once I got home. Methinks I'll only have one on the holidays. Maybe. I'm content with just smellin' the cigars in the boxes, actually.

Well, ass-sucky and not-so-ass-sucky, my tail-lights and dash lights are out, and my check engine light is on, so I have to go to the dealership to get it looked at. I figure, with as many status ailments as it's got right now, I might as well get it fixed all at once. I have to drop it off at White Marsh on Sunday, and they're going to start working on it on Monday, which will probably mean it won't get done by Tuesday, which means I probably won't make it to Pie's this week for anime night. ::wibble::

In that event, I probably won't be able to see Advent Children or its animated constituants until it's released domestically, which, I actually think I can wait for. It's not that I'm not excited or anything, it's just...that I don't have high speed internet and don't feel like bothering people for copies of something that's going to be widely available very very soon anyway. And I've seen screenshots of Hojo from the anime thing, so I'm going to be high just on that for a few months. To that effect, IF YOU'RE GOING TO BLOG ABOUT ADVENT CHILDREN, PLEASE DO IT BEHIND A CUT. SOME PEOPLE DON'T HAVE TORRENTS. Not trying to jab at anyone specifically, but common courtesy, people, please.

And speaking of getting excited about things from screenshots, somebody scanned a japanese magazine for its XENOSAGA III SPREAD! It looks so pretty. And...uh...well, costume weirdness and fanservicy stuff aside, OMGSQUEEEE.
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I'm alive!
I don't look forward to this weekend.
I don't want to work!
But I have to.
Deviantart has some new stuff on it.
And this is hysterical!

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