Apr. 2nd, 2009 05:31 pm
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I had the weirdest dream this morning that I'd installed some super-awesome social-networking msn/oekaki board software on spadenet and Dave Mustaine from Megadeth started posting on it. I was chatting with him live. It was really awesome. XDDDD

Before my dream sidled into that, the dream had a shot of the student council from Revolutionary Girl Utena lifting Miki Kaoru up into the sky, and they were all standing above a trampoline. Everyone was wearing very vivid outfits that matched their hair color. Miki was launched into the air by his comrades and when he came back down, the trampoline turned into an ocean and all the colors in his clothes and hair washed completely out and he swam below the surface completely drawn-in-pencil-and-not-colored-in white.
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I saw this picture on DA and I had to do this with it. Cutter had a Nathan Explosion face. XD Like I put honey mustard in a pot on the stove with my lavender shampoo when I was ten, I still like combining two very different things that I like at the same time. Of course, art things have invariably better results than the taste and smell of lavender shampoo honey mustard. I went looking in all up on my hard drive looking for stuff to post, and stumbled onto my old archive of Elfquest RP fanart. Research led me to The Official Website, and apparently, they're making ALL of it available online for free! :D I still like having the old books to hold in my hand, though. I shall cherish them forever. The, er, ratty copy of #2 that I have from the 70's, at least. ^^;

Been watching Utena again with Kevin. I never realized how much I loved Nanami until now. |3

To the people I haven't seen all this week: I MISS YOU GUYS! D: BUT IT IS NOT IN VAIN. I AM GETTING STUFF DONE.

My headphones are still broken, but I'm wearing them anyway because I misplaced my speakers when I moved back from Dad's. One of the earmuffs doesn't work, and occasionally falls off, but they feel right on my head. I will never buy in to ear buds. NEVER. I WILL BE WEARING MY GIGANTIC STUDIO DJ HEADPHONES OUTSIDE IN THE SUMMER JOGGING WITH MY iPOD WHEN I AM 70.

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