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I'm losing days like crazy here.
My hours are still in a state of being sheared down like nobody's business. I've told my mom this, and she's taken it upon herself to surf craigslist for me and e-mail me job postings. Even if it's things like FedEx across the street from Best Buy, if it's full time, it's probably going to end up being more important.

My social schedule is likely to change at any minute, so I'm going to start trying to suck things up and work some evenings, because I need to pay my bills.

In the past 3 days, I've taught myself (and by teaching myself, I mean looking things up on the net) how to make a salary history and a cover letter. Now I have to buckle down and try to build a professional portfolio site that doesn't blow. I've also been attempting to make abstract background images, but it looks like a lot of the effects that I tend to prefer use 3D imaging software, and I know as much about 3d imaging software as I do accounting. Nearly half the jobs I apply for are like, "Photoshop! :D Illustrator! :D SOMETHING YOU'VE ONLY OPENED ONCE AT THE LAB!" D:

But I will not give up. I fully intend to go to the lab tomorrow and open AfterEffects and Quark for the first time in 4 years and see if I've remembered a damn thing. If not, I will probably make myself a big-ass soviet-style propaganda poster to make myself feel better.
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Anime night at PiE and Elfie's totally rocked! X3 We're watching Record of Lodoss War, which, despite my long history of being an anime nerd, I have never seen. It's pretty awesome. It's even more awesome watching it with a bunch of laid back and funny people like them that was there. I'm takin' mondays off fo sho from now on. X3

In other news, I got pulled over tonight because my tail lights are no longer working. >_< Dammit. I'm probably going to have to go back to stupid Carmax to get them fixed, which fucking bites because they're always booked until next month and they always find something else wrong with my car that I can't afford to have fixed. ::growl::

I have to do my hommerk now. :B Ken gave us this weird tape-lifting assignment that I have no inspiration to pursue. -_- And boring-ass art history textbook reading. And I have to get up and be at class by 11. This was the best day for Dave to show up half an hour late for 3rd shift.
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The new Mac Lab is so sexy. The new macs themselves are also, so sexy. I'm seriously resisting the urge to sit in front of the scanner, because that's what I've spent 99% of my time at the college doing - scanning crap. I checked my hard drive the other days, and I know I haven't sorted anything out yet, but my galleries folder has over 4,500 files in it, and half of them are from college. I want to bother Ken to let me bring my tablet to class again. ^^

Anyway, the new lab is a lot less sterile. It used to have white tables and white walls and grey floors and white everything else. Now the tables are yellow, and the walls are beige. The Macs themselves look like they've popped out of the 2-second scene in the third or second Matrix movie where they show the docking ops people in thier white room with their white suits and keyboards and everything. And we've got cordless optical meese! :D These keyboards are oppressively white. Like, solar white. The kind that would glow blue in ultraviolet light. I love that white. :3

Hooray for class starting!

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