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In lieu of a real entry, I'm going to share more music. I feel like German Dance Party, how about you? :D :D :D

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Would anyone be willing to help me find some rare new-age/easy listening/electronica stuff for my dad? He uses this music thing called Pandora at work, and he's been able to narrow some stuff down, but I want to find his stuff and stick it on CD for him so he can play it in his car. If you can find these things on iTunes, I'll totally reimburse you.

Appleseed List )

There's more lists, but I have to research what-all is up on them, and how much yall can find. Thanks, guys! <3
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Need to post before it all falls out of my head.

Last weekend, I went to visit [livejournal.com profile] stitchedmoon for her engagement party. It was lovely. There was frisbee and chicken and party games...industrial music, and youtube videos! (I was seriously like, "Awesome!" to find out that Erin and her boy both love industrial. It's going to be the most industrial wedding ever. ROBOT WEDDING.)

Powerthirst 2: Re-Domination
Gay Power Thirst
Potter Puppet Pals - The Mysterious Ticking Noise
Potter Puppet Pals - The Mysterious Ticking Noise...but faster!

Erin also gave me some music, and I've become hooked on Melotron. HOOKED. Thes is my feyveret saang. You should lessen to et. ::gum chew gum chew::
Folge Mir ins Licht
Srsly, though, it really is awesome. My three years of German in high school have not let me down! I remembered that Licht means light...and was able to look up that Folge means follow. So actually, the song is called "Follow Me into the Light." *_* Holy crap, it's like sparkle glitter candy. But not as candy as Lilienthals Traum, which is the prettiest candy techno song about airplanes ever...well, it's not actually techno because it's a cover, but a techno cover song about this scientist building his own airplane as his kids run around in his backyard in the summer.



TEXT AUF DEUTSCH! Mostly for my own reference because the lyrics were hard to find. )

My life has turned into "what language is it today?" again. I did it before when Yuffie sent me Japanese Les Miserables. Now I'm thinking in tiny kiddy bits of German. I'm thinking about trying to become more fluent. Just as everything's starting to turn over to Spanish, of course. :V


Either way, THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME COME TO YOUR POSH PARTY, ERIN! I know your kids will have metronomes going off in their heads from all the music running around both of you guythe. :D
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Crisis Core Spoiler Talk. )

PS - Sorry for the absence - been out and about. Tomorrow, I'm going to NEW YORK on a school field trip! :D That I should be sleeping now for to prepare myself!
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Here's the lyrics to a song that I dreampt I was listening to. I wanted to write them down, because I'm almost never inspired to create anything original in terms of music. In the dream, the song sounded like it was being sung by Green Day. o_O

Something happened there
And then you swore
To never love again
Cause the cup weighs more.
Yeah, the cup weighs more.

The cup weighs more than the sword or the shield
The cup weighs more than the cash or the deals
The cup weighs more than the blood and the seals
That shield me
From you
From you
From you-ou...

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