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I finally know the true meaning of Pow Pow Pow Parn! X3 I keep forgetting that Chronicles of the Heroic Knight is the second Lodoss War series. I want to see the first one. I remember running across parts of it before, in which they established all these famous characters that everybody loves. Coming in in the middle of the series made me wonder exactly why everybody was so all up ons RoLW because I thought that CotHN was the basis for Parn, Deedlit, and everybody else. I'd just assumed I'd missed all the really juicy stuff because I missed the first 4 episodes at anime night. Regardless, Record of Lodoss War anything is now definately on my christmas/birthday list.

In other news, while my flash drive is still missing, I've discovered the awesomeness that is the LJ picture album feature! With Computer Services' lockout on the macs, I have to battle the 800-pound gorilla of Dreamweaver if I want to FTP anything anywhere, but this takes a lot of the hassle out of storing and organizing stuff temporarily. I can show pictures here without having to worry about broken links from my server later.

I'm trying to procure me and my homies tickets to Harry Potter on Thursday night, but Regal doesn't have a midnight showing and Loews is sold out. D: WTF, mate? ::hopes Alex can wrangle some tickets out of Loews::

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