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Let's see...New Year's was good. Went over friends of Kevin's and had a pretty good time, despite the fact that I couldn't partake of the massive amounts of alcohol that was there. Just the fumes were enough to make me drowsy. I kept myself hydrated and sane, and well. I'm even feeling better from being sick on account of YAY CORRECT ANTIBIOTICS! I can smell again! :D

Dear sweet zombie Jesus, I want a Wii. A lot of my friends have them, and I'm beginning to feel a bit left behind. Not that I've ever been the first kid on my block to have any of the new game systems in the first place. I got my first Nintendo in 1995 or so, and my Playstation when FF7 came out. I didn't get a PS2 until Kingdom Hearts came out, and I was buying a Gameboy Advance SP when the DS came out. Practically the only things I've ever gotten when they've come out were my SNES and my Sega Saturn. The only thing I have right now that's relatively to-date is my DS. I've had a crush on the XBOX 360 that's big like XBOX, though, but I think I'd need high speed internet to get really anything out of it. DAMN YOU, BEST BUY FOR TEMPTING ME WITH THINGS I CAN'T AFFORD. The other night, I had a dream about XBOX 360s falling on my head. It was surreal.

Speaking of work, they seem to have forgotten that my availability exists. X_x At least this week. I've been coming in out of the goodness of my heart because they needed the help. A good thing, too, because one of the other kids in Media is quitting. T_T I just wish he hadn't done it ON THE DAY BEFORE THE AUDIT. According to my boss, we've failed for the past five quarters, and the CD section is too massive to keep in any sort of order, so by default, we must have failed, despite the fact that I busted my ass dusting and organizing everything in Video Games. It's really impossible to keep everything in order just for the fact that customers are always around. If we had closed at six like I thought we were going to, I might have been able to get everything done, but alas, no. :/ Oh wellz. At least the atmosphere is 1000 times more laid back than Wawa ever was, even on slow days.

Let's see...what else? My mom is flipping out about organizing my sister's baby shower and I've been put in charge of designing invitations, which puts me on the spot. Glagh. -_- I might resort to prettying up some clip-art. I've been trying to trace pictures in Illustrator, but everything I do looks more like something from a horror novel than a baby shower. ^^;;

Umm...let's see. What else has happened that I haven't told really anyone about? Ummm...me and Kevin are on the path to getting engaged - we hand-fasted each other, so this is the trial year where both of us can pay off what we owe on our cars and things so we can afford to get our own place. Also hopefully to get used to boring things like taking out the garbage.

Completely down the ladder in priorities, I've finally got the will to pick up Xenosaga II again. I beat Orgulla! :D Funny how, in my head, it all seemed much more interesting. X_x At least I think I've got a better handle on the combat system. When Xenosaga II first came out, I was still fresh out of the hospital, and not on the right medication yet, so I wasn't really up for getting into the technical intricacies of it, so much as the emotional attachment to it. And XSII is VERY technical. I just wish the combat system wasn't so abrupt. They spent all this time and money on special effects, so that left no money for programming and animating more attacks and special powers, so I'm using the same three attacks for the entire 60 hours of gameplay. |< Haaax. If this were the PS1 era, it'd be a lot more intricate. I don't care about going uphill both ways in the snow. I just want variety from the characters that I love. OH WELLZ. (By the way, I've been playing this most of the time with my dad in the background. I was sick when I first introduced him to the characters, so he thought I said Jim Uzuki instead of Jin. XD So now, he's officially Jim Uzuki.)

I always seem to work Xenosaga into a post before I remember anything else important. XD Ummm...oh yeah!

New Year's Resolutions:
- to take it easy
- to draw more
- to update more
- to enjoy conventions more
- to get a better job
- to broaden my horizons
- to get a Wii
- to get an XBOX 360
- to take up other areas artistically, like sculpting.

I think that's it. Sorry for the tl;dr.
Take care, folks!!

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