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So, it looks like breakdamagelimit is starting to function! Whee. :3 I re-organized the junk-art section a little bit, and I'm planning on uploading more old art soon. I also got a spifftastic new counter! :D Drunkenlagomorph officially expires on July 20th.

And I finally checked my oekaki today. XD I haven't checked it in three months. ::feels kinda bad:: ^^; But yee, people have been posting awesome stuff, and having fun doodling and things. Thing. Yeah.

I'm getting really really tired of people looking for Principal Character stuff on the internet. I re-named the directory so that people couldn't find it anymore, but they're still lookin'. ::annoyed noise::

And I still need to think of what to draw for Kuro's memorial page. ._. ::is having big art block::
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As [livejournal.com profile] barhaven so aptly put, Darth Maul, pink is so not your color. WARNING: This image is probably going to make most people on my friends list cry. Two words: SHOUJO GLITTER.
Idonotsupportthisparticularuseof shoujoglitterinthestarwarsfandom
pleasedontyellatmeforpostingthis itwasfunnysoIlinkedit
. ::ducks::
This image is safer and non-scarring, but also non-Star Wars.

I'm gettin' a new domain.

I'm probably going to switch over to it from Drunkenlagomorph as soon as I figure out how to do it. ::is a retard at domain registration things:: Yay for the fun of making new banners and crap. @_@
I finally updated my links on the bottom of my main page!
If anyone wants in, give a comment. :B

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