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So, it wasn't just the starter that was gone. It was my axel boots, and a gunked up engine. Turned out costing...a lot of money that I'm going to pay back to my dad, whether he wants to take it or not. I could have opted to get a new one, but I don't want to be paying for a car for all of my adult working life. Granted, my car's back windows have been taped up for two years, and it needs new struts, too, but at least the car starts up like a happy squirrel now. ^^;

So, I closed last night. And opened this morning. I decided to stay up all night and play Persona 3: FES. That wasn't so bad. Worked a little on The Shovel, got me some diet coke, sat back for a bit and...there came a strange KZZT noise from my VCR. And then an electric pop. Then the VCR shut off. For good. A battery had rolled near where the coaxial cable was connected from the TV to the VCR. The battery heated up and fried some circuits but good. I was going to have to get another one, but the Inventory supervisor at my work offered to GIVE me his old one. :D People are awesome. Very, very awesome. Still, this is the first time I can say that a piece of electronic equipment that I've owned has blown up. My room still smells like sulfur. It was just a little puff of smoke, and it could have been a lot worse. I should have gotten up to look at it before, though. Looks like I can't play video games on the TV in my room until tomorrow.

I am still awake from last night.
I need to remedy this.
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Car is dead again.
Starter went up, I think.
I'm at dad's. Hopefully stuff will get taken care of in the next couple of days. Most of my plans for this week might be scrapped depending on how long my car takes to get fixed.

I'm beginning to feel like someone's put a curse on me or something, wut with the insanely horrid bad luck I've been having. If this is the case, will the skeevy Vistani party responsible please stand up and air your grievances so that I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE so I can reverse my bad karma in peace. KTHX.

On the upside, someone seems to have reset my dad. Like, he's weekend-dad again. Probably because I haven't seen him in a month. There is a sparkle in his eye. Or maybe that's the antidepressants. Either way, I might be able to do one day of Balticon? Maybe? If I don't have to work all weekend?

Speaking of work, if you haven't pre-ordered the Wii Fit, there is a very very VERY slim chance that you'd be able to get one within the next month. Much like everything else regarding the Wii, it's a matter of luck with getting it in, and they never tell us when they're coming in.
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Anime night at PiE and Elfie's totally rocked! X3 We're watching Record of Lodoss War, which, despite my long history of being an anime nerd, I have never seen. It's pretty awesome. It's even more awesome watching it with a bunch of laid back and funny people like them that was there. I'm takin' mondays off fo sho from now on. X3

In other news, I got pulled over tonight because my tail lights are no longer working. >_< Dammit. I'm probably going to have to go back to stupid Carmax to get them fixed, which fucking bites because they're always booked until next month and they always find something else wrong with my car that I can't afford to have fixed. ::growl::

I have to do my hommerk now. :B Ken gave us this weird tape-lifting assignment that I have no inspiration to pursue. -_- And boring-ass art history textbook reading. And I have to get up and be at class by 11. This was the best day for Dave to show up half an hour late for 3rd shift.

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