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11 hour shifts?
Yeah, they pretty much Suck.

These days, I kinda just wanna go home and draw, but things keep on getting in the way. =_= In the meantime, when I do get to draw, I thoroughly enjoy it. I need to take a sit-down and set aside a day to do nothing but art.

Spekking of art, I drew Kain before work on Monday. (I also sekretly uploaded all my old art up on that gallery page, too...)
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I am on a ROLL this week! The Man From Doom, soooort of Prince Lotor, but proooobably not?

...I spent too much time trying to look up reference pictures for Lotor and found that 90% of the Voltron fansites I found on Google were around in 1996 when I first started running around on the internet.

I guess it's too much to expect from folks. I mean it IS an old anime, but the original Go Lion was recently released at Best Buy a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure there's a young 16 year old out there with enough patience or rabies to screencap Lotor to pieces and throw the screencaps up on her own webserver that isn't powered by Tripod. Or maybe I expect too much from people. XD I DID find a bunch of terrible AMVs uploaded to YouTube done to Britney Spears songs, though. D:

It's just so much easier these days to get screenshots of stuff. All you basically need is a DVD Drive and the right DVD playing software. Back then, you needed to find a way to hook your VCR up to your computer, and then have it run off a program there and all this extra analog mess and very small resolution, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.
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Okay, so life has been a little better to me in the past two days. I got some work done for class, and as I was driving home from the lab down the backroad-way, I saw lightning bugs for the first time since last year. It felt like it had been longer since I'd seen a lightning bug, probably because I've had so much thrust on me lately. Anyway, as I was passing the big stretch of farm-land that comprises the scenic route back to my house, I saw tons of them, nay, SWARMS of them just massing near where 136 meets 543. It was spectacular. As I drove past, it looked like Star Trek. I think I needed that.
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...the Get Smart Can.
I was very very stupid for Get Smart when I was growing up, and now Get Smart has joined forces with Steve Carell, whom I have a GINOURMOUS crush on. Regardless if the movie is a flop, Steve Carell is still going to be hot. It is a win/win situation for me.

Edit because this was kind of a nothing entry:
In other news, I broke down and went to the junk store to pick up a 7-dollar VCR after trying out a 20-dollar DVD player that didn't work because apparently, there's two kinds of coaxial cable, and the DVD player only took the digital kind. I'd gotten it from work, which is 15 miles down the highway, so I just went up to the Bel Air store and this lady sold me on a converter thinggie that cost me five bucks, but didn't do any good because it needed to go through an antenna or cable box to work. Frustrated as all hell, I tore back up to Bel Air, went to the damn Goodwill, and picked the oldest VCR I could find - one with a TV/VCR button on the front that I could find perfectly fine and get it to function without a remote. It doesn't play tapes, but all it needs to do is connect the TV to the Playstation 2. My TV is from 1989, so it doesn't have any fancy schmancy inputs like TVs nowadays do. Hopefully, the TV won't die. The damn VCR I bought was really heavy. With all my old school analog shit, I won't get TV, but the Cylons will never get me. Joking of course. I just realized that I joke about that in deadpan a lot. I'm just being silly.
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Okay, so here's the deal.
I'm only on the schedule this week for two days.
The budget in Media has been horrid, but the budget everywhere else has also been horrid.
I only have 653 dollars left to pay on my car.
I want to practice doing more art stuff.
You should totally commission me.

I -was- going to limit things to digital-only, but my computer seems to be giving me more and more guff as it gets older, so I'm going to open it up to traditional media, even though it might take me more time to get it to ya.

Prismacolor 9 x 12 Simple Background - $25
Prismacolor 9 x 12 No Background - $20
Prismacolor 9 x 12 Half Figures - $15
Two Color Ink Pen Character Portrait - $15
9 x 12 Black and White - $15
Watercolor Postcards - $10
Watercolor Greeting Cards - $10
One-Stroke Greeting Cards - $10
Prismacolor Index Cards - $5
Original CD Labels - $5

Photoshop Atmospheric Pieces - $20
Quick and Dirty Painter Cel Shading - $15
Quick and Dirty Two Person Headshots - $10
Quick and Dirty Headshots - $5
Two Dollar Oekaki - $2
One Dollar Oekaki - $1

People generally ask me for art of their characters, but fanart is ok, anthro requests also ok. In all cases, references, please! I'm willing to do ships depending on circumstances. Comment for details. :V I generally take paypal but if you don't have one, we can work something out.
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I have a shiny new FF7 Section up on my website! I also revamped and added new art to the FFX Section. ::collapses:: I'm so smart. I always stay up when I have work the next day. T_T
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I'm alive!
I don't look forward to this weekend.
I don't want to work!
But I have to.
Deviantart has some new stuff on it.
And this is hysterical!
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You are

Speaking of galactic PMS, I present to you: this thing! (for those of you who don't already watch [livejournal.com profile] d_lag.

Whee. Finally saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It was cool and funny, and it actually made me laugh (most things that are funny in movies and shows don't make me actually laugh, usually). I WANT a Marvin plushie. ::reeeeach:: I didn't know Alan Rickman was the voice of Marvin, though. I thought it was that guy who sounds like Alan Rickman, but we got the real thing! Woot. :3

Buh. Pollen in eyes. Puffy. Uck. Plehkkh. >_< ::swats::

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