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I smoked my first cigar tonight! My face smells awesome, but my throat feels weird. And I had to brush the living froo out of my teeth once I got home. Methinks I'll only have one on the holidays. Maybe. I'm content with just smellin' the cigars in the boxes, actually.

Well, ass-sucky and not-so-ass-sucky, my tail-lights and dash lights are out, and my check engine light is on, so I have to go to the dealership to get it looked at. I figure, with as many status ailments as it's got right now, I might as well get it fixed all at once. I have to drop it off at White Marsh on Sunday, and they're going to start working on it on Monday, which will probably mean it won't get done by Tuesday, which means I probably won't make it to Pie's this week for anime night. ::wibble::

In that event, I probably won't be able to see Advent Children or its animated constituants until it's released domestically, which, I actually think I can wait for. It's not that I'm not excited or anything, it's just...that I don't have high speed internet and don't feel like bothering people for copies of something that's going to be widely available very very soon anyway. And I've seen screenshots of Hojo from the anime thing, so I'm going to be high just on that for a few months. To that effect, IF YOU'RE GOING TO BLOG ABOUT ADVENT CHILDREN, PLEASE DO IT BEHIND A CUT. SOME PEOPLE DON'T HAVE TORRENTS. Not trying to jab at anyone specifically, but common courtesy, people, please.

And speaking of getting excited about things from screenshots, somebody scanned a japanese magazine for its XENOSAGA III SPREAD! It looks so pretty. And...uh...well, costume weirdness and fanservicy stuff aside, OMGSQUEEEE.
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Anime night at PiE and Elfie's totally rocked! X3 We're watching Record of Lodoss War, which, despite my long history of being an anime nerd, I have never seen. It's pretty awesome. It's even more awesome watching it with a bunch of laid back and funny people like them that was there. I'm takin' mondays off fo sho from now on. X3

In other news, I got pulled over tonight because my tail lights are no longer working. >_< Dammit. I'm probably going to have to go back to stupid Carmax to get them fixed, which fucking bites because they're always booked until next month and they always find something else wrong with my car that I can't afford to have fixed. ::growl::

I have to do my hommerk now. :B Ken gave us this weird tape-lifting assignment that I have no inspiration to pursue. -_- And boring-ass art history textbook reading. And I have to get up and be at class by 11. This was the best day for Dave to show up half an hour late for 3rd shift.
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I just watched the most incredible movie last night.
If any of you've heard of the old anime "Casshan: Robot Hunter", the movie I saw last night, Casshern, is the live-action version! It's so cool. T_T Aside from the re-translation of the main character's name and a weird ending, this movie was bloody perfect. :D



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