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Ah jeez I haven't posted in a while UGH. The last week or so I was mostly dogsitting so I was using my laptop, things always feel a bit odd there. NOT REALLY AN EXCUSE BUT THAT'S WHAT WAS GOING ON ANYWAY

I still can't stop playing Breath of the Wild aaaaa

Anyway I should really try to catch up on Handplates comics since there's been a few and a lot of major plot stuff is happening now, haha. There should be... six comics I think, along with a few extras. God I bet this is going to be long. I'm glad some of you guys out there do enjoy reading these! There's a lot of background info and trivia about each one there isn't really an easy place to put otherwise... I mean you can't have like a page of info for a description on Tumblr, that'd be ridiculous. And on Dev it seems like half the time people don't even read the description, haha. SOMETIMES IT'S IMPORTANT GUYS.

Monsters of a sort one might not expect )
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If you heard about a stranger who had given up trying to improve their life by age 30, wasn't actively pursuing a career or a postgraduate education, was making less than $100 a month on freelance gig work and relying on their spouse and relatives to pay for their expenses despite not contributing any equivalent value to the household, and they were also severely mentally ill and hurting other people with their illness but refused to seek treatment other than wasting money on junk placebo pills, would you think that was a bad person? Because that person is me, and I do.

It's lonely knowing everyone hates you and thinks you're disgusting but won't say it to your face. Or they have "different" "standards" because you're "family," as if that means anything. I just want someone to tell me the fucking truth for once. Tell me I'm stupid and lazy and I didn't amount to anything because I'm a defective waste of space and nobody likes me because I'm annoying and disgusting and my existence actively harms people, because I'm a burden on society and a drain on resources and made of shitty DNA from a broken marriage and I should have died from pneumonia if I had to be born at all. Everyone is goddamn sick of me and I'm sick of everything, especially myself. Don't think I don't fucking know it.

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