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Title: Days Since Last Incident
Fandom: FF7
Continuity: Stripes
Warnings: Physical violence, business suits

Stripes looked good in a suit. Tifa was much less a fan of dressing professionally than she used to be, but when he walked out of the bedroom for the first time with it on, she squealed with delight. She didn't usually do that.

This urban planning meeting was arranged by Reeve hastily, but they were happy to accommodate. It had been a while since all of the AVALANCHE board members had been in the same place at the same time since Cloud went missing.

Yuto Hojo had redeemed himself in the eyes of AVALANCHE, working with the community to restore and upgrade the infrastructure. He worked just as hard to purge Junon of the remainder of JENOVA's influence as everyone else around him, and aimed to work a little harder because in his mind, a lot of it was still his fault. Things were looking up for him. People accepted him. He had a good thing going with Tifa, and he found that Tim had an interest in art, so he was helping him to get his tattoo licensing so he could work in the shop.

Then for some reason, it all fell apart again the minute they arrived and Vincent Valentine stepped into the room. It had been seven months since he'd had to work with Valentine on anything, and never very closely with him since Cloud Strife went missing. The less time he spent having to deal with him, the more his old hatred resurfaced. He didn't want to bother Tifa with the details, so his thoughts got to stew alone, and de-couple themselves from reason again. Despite their original fight and tenuous reconciliation, abstract anger overtook him.

It was around 3 in the afternoon, and the lights in the conference room were kept off in favor of letting the sunlight in. The AVALANCHE Tower was still closed for renovations, so they had been meeting in one of the city's dedicated municipal offices. It was a far cry from the luxurious accommodations in the Shinra Building. The carpet was a light grey, the table was glass, and the chairs were cheap plastic instead of plush leather. As much as he hated to admit it, he did prefer Shinra's decorum. He never said a word, of course. The natural lighting made the whole thing even more dull.

Most of the meeting passed by uneventfully, but Vincent caught him staring, and stared back. Nothing happened until the meeting was completely over and Vincent attempted to reply to some witty banter Reeve had come up with that Stripes had completely tuned out. He had no idea what he even started to say. A gut reaction just bubbled up inside of him and came out as, "Shut up."


Before he knew it, he had leapt across the table and reared his arm back to punch him. He felt bone crack under his fist and the grimace that he wore turned into a sneer.

"I said, shut up!"

Everyone else in the room scrambled to restrain both of them, but not before more punches were exchanged and horns sprouted and claws slashed back at him. People elsewhere throughout the building were interrupted by a blood-curdling screech, and security camera footage would surely circulate through all the tabloid junkets as soon as it became available.

Vincent escaped Rude's grip on him and Stripes found himself thrown back onto the conference table, smashing it to pieces. He got back to his feet easily enough before Tifa grabbed him in a hold she'd taught him weeks before was called a "full nelson."

"Jesus Shit!" Cid exclaimed.

"Waitaminute waitaminute, I thought things were fine between you two!" Reno exclaimed.

Vincent's jaw was now obviously broken, so all he did was roar back.

"What happened now? Is this new? There can't possibly be anything new." Yuffie stammered.

Stripes struggled and Tifa's hold on him tightened to the point where she knew she was causing pain. "Calm down, Yuto!"

"I can't work like this right now. I'll pay for the damages." he replied, his breath ragged.

Punching Vincent Valentine in the face didn't invalidate any of the work he'd done to help Junon rebuild, and the meeting had concluded. According to Stripes, all that had been lost that day was an unimpressive conference table, two very nice suits, and the icy veil of politeness that both of them had been avoiding addressing.

Stripes felt a lot better, and he smiled reflexively, which caused Vincent to wrench himself loose again. By the end of it, he had a broken nose, a broken arm and a black eye that would take at least a week for his powers to heal, but he was more sad that his sunglasses were broken.

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